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About Us

YO Portal Ltd is a fresh and creative company focused on import-export trading. We are based in Portsmouth (Hampshire), the "Home of The Royal Navy" and the gateway port to Europe. Our wholesale and distribution network cover the whole of the UK and the EU. The company's ethos is guided by premium quality products, innovative designs and a professional attitude. We are dedicated to understand and exceed our customers' expectations.

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Our Brands

YO-Box® security cases are professional hard containers, engineered to deliver superior protection for all types of equipment used for personal or industrial purposes. Made from high quality injection moulded polypropylene polymers (PP) our cases offer superior quality and durability especially when compared to other similar products made of the commonly used ABS material. Our full range of products is IP67 certified rendering YO-Box® cases waterproof, dust proof and crush resistant capable to withstand the toughest environments.

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Registered address:
Carnac Place, Cams Hall Estate, Fareham, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO16 8UY
+44(0)23 9343 0032
+44(0)7397 777791
Company reg. no: 10428069